Content Collaboration & Meribook Connect Marketing Feature Recap!


By Alauddin

updated almost 2 years ago

In this feature overview I go over the three distinct ways you can share your content one book at a time!

1) Invite a user - this is when you know the persons email.
Now, when you invite you can give them three permissions.
a) View only
b) Edit (edit existing content)
c) Edit and Add new content

2) Share Links - this is a quick way to give access to your content when the user is not a Meribook user
Anyone with a link can view the content.
The best part is again, you have fine grained control on what chapters to show and even what sections with a chapter.

3) Meribook Connect is our list building feature.
Think of your book as a 'lead magnet' but instead of sending it off as a PDF you can give your subscriber access to your 'mini-site' inside of Meribook.
Or, you can do both! Meaning send your PDF and give access here. 
Currently, if you have Convertbox or Convertful popup softwares, then you can pretty much integrate with most Email Service Providers.

So, checkout the quick recap - this is not a how to video...but a more general what you can do type of video to let your imagination go wild!!!

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